#TashOnTour – commutes; conferences and collaborations.

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear Tash

It has been a real delight to be part of #TashOnTour and share much of your time over here in the UK this past 2.5 weeks. Reflecting on how we even got here, it’s a marvellous achievement of connecting socially and building trust; working together and being a bit brave (in our case anyway).

We began many weeks ago through Skype and digital messaging and eventually the time came around. We were both excited about meeting up yet you faced that arduous 35 hour marathon journey.

Driving around to collect you from Wellingborough station that Sunday morning was a really cool experience. Finally meeting up and having that breakfast with you on the patio with Mrs T will be a lasting memory for me. Trekking into the centre of little Wellingborough to sort your SIM card out, buy some shoes and the stock up on Boots make-up was fun. Pub grub and watching Murray win Wimbledon was kinda cool too.

Then reality bit. Early start for our first day at CIPD HQ in Wimbledon and the now famous 7 trains thing. Then no sooner had we done that day, than it was early to rise AGAIN for the OD Conference. That was an interesting experience in more ways than many and I think you made some good friends that day with Rob Jones, Sukh Pabial and who could forget Professor Eddie Obeng?

You had a more restful last day in Northamptonshire before moving onto your London pad and we had one of those working breakfasts with 2 laptops set up across from each other and not much physical chatter. You settled into London life and before we knew it we were back on the conference trail at IBM HQ and the Social Organisation conference. That evening also saw the world’s first #TashUp. You met too many names to mention here but Michael Carty, Mervyn Dinner, Cassie Lloyd-Perrin and David D’Souza amongst them. We will try and forget your home via Elephant and Castle experience shall we? You eventually got back safely that evening.

A whirlwind week ended with (as I recall) a day where you did some sightseeing in the sun. Much needed rest from commutes; conferences and collaboration.

Week 2 though began with ANOTHER early train – this time with me to Sheffield Hallam University and meetings around that in old cinemas, old pubs and a spanking new Business School. Conor Moss provided some summertime inspiration and chat and we then headed to the first ever NW #TashUp. Damiana Casile, Ian Pettigrew, Gemma Reucroft, HR Tinker, Mike Collins, and Catherine Wilks were great hosts in the Manchester sun. Especially Damiana offering her flat as an overnight stay after our 23rd floor drinking experience at the Hilton.

You and I travelled back to London together and I think much needed rest.
You did a little more connecting with folks, some work for me (!) and some resting and I know you were missing your XY and your home comforts but you soldiered on in the soaring temperatures.
We then did the Trainer’s Kitbag property trading game and my what a day around London that was. You won, you blogged you conquered London. Such a hoot.

You managed to take in a show (Wicked which is, well wicked) and then the time came for us to say goodbye.

I am drafting this ahead of seeing off on the Heathrow Express for home so I will complete this note hoping I said all this to you before you departed.

It’s been such fun plotting and making this happen. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.
I have a true friend and collaborator in you. Despite our total differences in what and how we do things, you and I share a passion for what we do and now having our experience to look back on has cemented that.
I have loved the reaction from the folks over here. You were Miss Popular and rightly so – celebrity-like status was adorned on you.
You were really brave cooking all this up and coming over – I was happy to help make it happen but you did the truly hard graft being so far from home comforts.

Thanks for the most #Tashtastic experience I’ve had in years. Safe trip and big respect.

tash lamb

PT =;o)

  1. hrmannz says:

    SocialHR? You better believe it!

  2. hrgem says:

    Lovely post Perry and a great example of the power of social media. And personally great to meet Tash.

  3. Oh that just brought a tear to my eye! X

  4. What a great success story for SocialHR… Couldn’t have happened without it.

    Amazing to meet Tash in person, so thanks to both for making this happen. I bet Perry will shed a tear at the airport… 🙂

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