The one with the apprentice

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

The sweet sound of positivity…

Masters or Bust

There is a long running TV show in both the US and the UK entitled ‘The Apprentice’ and you would have had to be an extended trip to Mars to miss either watching or hearing about it. This post is nothing to do with that…

When I was at school if you had some ability post 16 you did A-Levels and with some luck you went to University or Polytechnic (Yes I am old enough to have done an UCCA and PCAS form). If you hadn’t achieved academically to a standard that supported A-Levels you likely went to an FE college and did something more vocational. If you had really struggled with school and your likely first stop was the job centre (there was no plus in job centre then) you were directed towards a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) or as it was known Young, Thick and Stupid


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