#PunkHR – shiny happy people: the Kiwi and the Tour Manager

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s a brilliant world we live in at times. Brilliant through all sorts of human endeavours and nature’s ever wonderous ways. It was a mix of human interaction and nature’s plans that bought Amanda Sterling and I together for three-and-a-half weeks of OD adventures; social media fun and learning escapades.

It was cooked up over social media; after we’d met and gotten to know each through social media and was largely as social a venture could be. And something quite unforgettable too.

Whether it was the sheer pace of things or good fortune but there are so many examples on the highlight reels:
A visit to the epicentre of HR – CIPD HQ;
Freestyle delivery of an event around Social Media use for learning professionals
A roundtable on “Human Risk” issues at work for People Management magazine
CIPD Annual Conference in Manchester
Meaning 2013 Conference in Brighton
TEDx conference in Salford
Recruitment using Social Media workshop
HR and Social Media sessions in Belfast for CIPD Northern Ireland; and
Superteams and Human Potential conference in Kensington

As a tour manager, I couldn’t have scripted a better set of brain-food; mind-blowing; life-shaping events.

Yet the most telling and memorable part of this whole escapade was the people.

People I know, trust and believe in opening up, sharing excitement, listening intently and making the welcome a joy to behold.

People I didn’t know doing the same.

And all this because someone – Amanda – demonstrated all the things that I’ve come to appreciate about the human spirit.

Warmth; generosity; bravery; ingenuity; sincerity; flexibility; creativity; empathy; consideration.

It’s made me hugely proud to be Amanda Sterling’s tour manager for this most bodacious of adventures.

New Zealand has loaned us a true jewel but it’s time to return it. Your sparkle will shine on here though. We look forward to seeing you again next year?


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