The HR unAwards 2013

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

People Stuff

A totally frivolous, just for Christmas fun, blog post. I shall most certainly now have to write something intelligent in the New Year……

I have decided that the awards industry is nonsense. Which is my way of saying I have never won one. I’m never likely to either, as even if I did something noteworthy, I wouldn’t be able to afford the table at the dinner and the trip down to London.

So, I have decided to host my very own, hrgem unAwards13. To acknowledge super awesome HR type folk everywhere.

(Disclaimer. Recipients of a hrgem award should not assume that there is any actual award of any kind. It is just this, being in the blog. There is no certificate.)

Blogger of the Year Award
A tough choice due to the amazing nature of the writing that we see in the people related blogosphere, and there is a tie…

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