Follow the Yellow Brick Road – a guest blog from Tamasin Sutton

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Stopped singing the song from the Wizard of Oz yet?  Blame my guest blogger Tamasin Sutton.  It’s seriously a pleasure to turn over my blog site to someone else so please join me in welcoming Tamasin’s first ever blog.

I really enjoy seeing people’s social media connections pay off and so meeting Tamasin at CIPD Annual Conference in November 2013 and keeping in touch has proven how the real world and digital world of connecting with people is often what gives us courage, belief, insight whatever.  SOMETHING that spurs us on.

Just proves that it is the power in people; the social fabric of online + real world and generally feeling fired up that can lead to great things.    You can connect to Tamasin at LinkedIn and on Twitter @TamasinS.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before there’s a Tamasin shaped WordPress/Tumblr site to find.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

Human Resources / HR / Personnel / Hire and Fire! After 10 years in the HR field, I still get people asking why I do it, but most importantly, what is it that I do? Both questions have been a little challenging over the last few years. It was a little like I’d fallen out of love with the profession I was so passionate about and worked hard to progress in. That is of course, until I went to the CIPD 2013 conference in Manchester in November 2013.

In the last 10 years I’d been to one HR conference, and that was a housing sector specific one. I enjoyed it, but the sector specific element felt a little restrictive and dare I say it, a little stale. It added a lot of value but I wanted the type of stretch that the CIPD conference offered. November was a revelation in more ways than one. I came away feeling reinvigorated, inspired, and most significantly, fuelled with a reignited passion for the profession that I felt previously so connected to. Sound a little over the top? Well it isn’t. You only need to take a look at the wealth of fantastic HR bloggers out there who raved about the conference, the connections and the inspiration. I came away feeling relieved that the things I believed in, thought important and wanted to do, were all the things the wider profession were talking about. Phew! Maybe I knew something after all!

One of the best things I did was attend a round table discussion on the morning of day 2 – #hrunscrambled. This was all down to a tweet – me tweeting I’d booked my conference tickets and @OD_optimist tweeting back! I’d dabbled in twitter and started following some HR folk, but this opened my eyes to the wealth of opportunities out there, just by engaging with the community! It was an hour and a half fuelled by coffee and bacon/veggie butties and some short interactive round table discussions, with like-minded people engaging on the topics they were really interested in and felt were important for the future of HR. I walked out of there completely inspired by the forward thinking and passion in the room. More importantly the CIPD were part of this – it actually makes a difference, and I was part of that.

So what’s happened since? My social media interactions have definitely increased! I was actively tweeting during sessions, and getting a little excited when my tweets scrolled on the boards before the conference sessions. I’m reading blogs and articles and connecting with interesting people who I’d seen on twitter, but are now becoming friends. Lucky breaks in my book! A world that I thought was a little beyond reach is opening itself up and I’m taking it with both hands and shouting out ‘I’m coming to get you!’

So back to those original questions…. Why do I do it? Because I believe in what HR does and the value that it can provide in an organisation. As long as it’s done right! Building the capability, making the connections at the core business level and spotting those trends through data and bottom line finances, and most importantly, being innovative in the ways we can help a business to change things for the better!

What do I do? Well that’s still a tough one for me, and probably part of a journey I’m fully aware that I’m on. I try and build capability in my team and inspire them to think ‘what else, what’s the value and how can I make things better?’ I try and help people in the business to understand how great people can be if they’re given an opportunity, time to grow and have the right attitude. But for now I think I’m on a road to understanding what I want to do. The right environment and type of work is the key to making me a better HR professional.

Yellow brick road it is then!


A little about Tamasin from her LinkedIn profile – MA in HRM from Bournemouth University, a Chartered Member of CIPD; HR Manager in Housing with experience as a Generalist, Advisor, Project Manager and Service Centre Manager.  Projects and Retail experience, traveller of the world and clearly now a re-enthusiast about HR and its role in changing work for the better.

Tamasin Sutton

  1. Justine Helm says:

    Very inspirational Miss Sutton and so true. I feel very privileged that I was with you when you had your epiphany.

  2. Laura Osborne says:

    I love this blog. I am still only really dipping my toe in all this social media stuff so I found this really inspirational.

    • perrytimms says:

      What a LOVELY response Laura. We have all dipped our toes in; then waded then plunged. Don’t let others’ so called intellectually rich postings deter you from starting. Even Lewis Hamilton started in low speed go-karts before F1 supercars.! Thanks for commenting I will make sure Tamasin sees this.

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