#PunkHR – if it’s not about the meaning…

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I scan through social media feeds, read articles in journals, books and have conversations with people it is striking how much the 21st Century is still blighted by one thing.

A lack of meaning.

It is even that meaning itself, that is derided when fundamentals commit acts of terror because of their calling, their meaning.

Instead I see petty squabbles, dire attitudes and daft posing and just wonder, “shall I dive in?” “Is it worth it..?”.

Mostly no. It occasionally angers the shite out of me but anger is a dark emotion best controlled. So I leave it.

Then I saw Gemma Reucroft post here http://hrgemblog.com/2014/01/10/dream-on-dreamer/ and Meg Peppin’s response and there it is.

If it’s not about the meaning in work I am NOT going to bother. 

Work I do as an independent practitioner, work my contacts do in their jobs, work researchers do, and various institutes and bodies it HAS to be about the meaning.

So please
– keep your ego in its box;
– dial up your tolerance on other people’s posts;
– create more courage and less fear;
– encourage others to find their meaning at work;
– allow sociability and fun – we are – social beings on social platforms and we need energy

This is not a hashtag, a Blog thread, a Pinterest board.

This about the meaning in work.  Please let’s focus the debate,  our best moments, our keenest thoughts and our sharpest ideas for meaning at work.

And have a laugh with each other along the way.

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