The revolution starts at closing time

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

RIchard Westney is one of the people I have met through social media and in real life and who inspires me to be better. He shares with a passion, things that matter to this profession. He’s a kindred soul, and great bloke and the heart and soul of a lion. He’s clever not contrived, modest and yet bold and one of the reasons why I actually like the term Social HR – it describes people who connect, share, support.

Great read. Words. Mouth. Out. My. Of. The. Took. Right.

Up the Down Escalator

So then, social HR. What is that all about, eh?

Not content with beating ourselves up about our lack of a seat at the mythical table (get there early is my advice. There is nothing worse than having to pull up a chair) we now find the “social HR” community (what an awful label) turning in on itself and attacking each other for sheep-like behaviour, being fake and not walking the talk. In essence, the message seems to be “it’s all too cosy and there is no impact on real life HR practice.”

Now I have no problem with the authors of such pieces. In general, I enjoy reading their posts and respect their point of view. They make me think, and if I’m thinking I’m learning.

It’s great to ask questions and have a debate and agitate but come on. None of us can change the world in 140…

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