In the shadow

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Now THIS is worth noting and doing something about folks. What IS your HR shadow?

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I’ve blogged before on leadership shadow. The idea that leaders cast shadows across organisations through their behaviour, their actions, their language. How the shadow gives clues as about how to fit in and how to get on. Employees look to their leaders to learn what is okay around here, and the shadow is the quiet answer to a subtle question.

But what about the HR shadow? How does that cast across the organisation and influence its culture?

The wording in the offer letter.
The clauses in the contract of employment.
The tone of voice of the employment policies.
The language in the standard letters.
The forms that need to be filled in.
The choice of communication method.
The speed of your response.
The advice you give.
The rules you create.
The processes. Oh the processes.
How much you tell, rather than guide. How much you restrict rather than empower.

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