Walking into the Workplace of the Future

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Now this is shedding (!) some light on this future work thing. Nice one David.

Future of Work

There is a problem with thinking about the future of work. It’s a problem that is neither unique to the subject nor new. The problem is one of conceptualising a World or, rather, a disorganised set of possibilities some of which are clearer than others. We talk about work becoming “something you do, not somewhere you go.” When it comes to collaboration we talk about breaking out of silos and working across boundaries. Perhaps we also talk about the death of deference and an individual’s value being based on the strength of their contribution rather than their age, job title, or credentials. However fashionable, these ideas are difficult to imagine working in practice.

Even ‘Big Data’ – the most fashionable of lots of fashionable concepts – refers to nothing more than a challenge we have yet to fully understand. In the 1970s Toffler wrote about organisations of the future moving…

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