The measure of who we are, is what we do, with what we have.

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s my party and I’ll blog what I want to

Of course this could look like a shameless way to get Birthday-based salutations but honestly it’s not.

Neither it is an emo-blog of epic pondering proportions where it’s all about me and how I feel and so on. It’s not.

It IS though a look back/look forward thing.

I’ve clocked up over 24 million minutes in my life so far. Each one, precious of course. Many of them used in ways that – with hindsight – I’d do something differently with given them back again.

My favourite quote is from Vince Lombardi who was Head Coach of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. A small town in Wisconsin. He took a group to new levels of overachievement. The quote is

The measure of who we are, is what we do, with what we have.

What we do, with what we have.

So looking back. Life has been good and bad around me and the world generally. Losing loved ones, seeing people around the world continue to be evil to each other and the struggles and challenges people I care about face.

Looking forward though is a bit of an obsession of mine and helps me through the troubling times and that it’s love that will see us through.

Love for things is easy to say and not so easy to do. It is though, what sets us apart from the rest of the animals on this planet. We can – to some degree anyway – rationalise and understand our love. Maybe not control it, but understand it and appreciate it.

Sounds like an emo-blog? Stick with me.

Throughout many of the those 24 million minutes, I’ve taken in a lot about the world. Here’s some of the headlines during that time.

Munich; Entebbe; Arab-Israeli conflict; Elvis; Iran; Olympic boycotts; Afghanistan; Lech Walesa; Thatcher; The Specials; Riots; Terry Waite; Pink Floyd; Miners Strikes; Wapping; Northern Ireland troubles; Housing Boom and Bust; Glasnost; Berlin Wall; Nelson Mandela; Tony Blair; Gulf War; 9/11; 7/7; Recession; Tsunami; 2012 Olympics; Syria.

A lot of suffering. Yet hope; promise; resilience.

We live in a world where there is still SO much cruelty. So many people struggle to live and yet some just arbitrarily take it away from others.

Yet hope, promise, resilience stands firm. We come together to grieve – even to avenge – but to overcome. It’s love that helps us do that.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

So the looking forward to this is about channeling your love. Using the energy that love gives you to achieve things for the better.

If we all stop and think about it there’s people we love (not the obvious ones like life partners and kids and stuff) and things we love doing. Love of things we want to stand by and a love of leaving a lasting impact to be remembered by.

People. They come and go in your lives and blood relatives and chosen partners don’t ALWAYS qualify in the “best in class” category. But nevertheless, we have emotions about people. We love them. Not in an attraction way in an appreciative way.

Let that happen. Don’t deny the love you feel for others.

Things. Whether it’s hobbies, vocational or academic study or work related things. We love doing certain things.

Spend as much time as you possibly can doing things you love. Don’t talk yourself out of labours of love.

Legacy. Whether it’s writing a book, creating a foundation, mentoring someone. We love leaving a mark and lasting impression.

Think about legacy as not an act of vanity but an act of generosity and bravery in making a difference. You may love it and enjoy it but that’s not the only reason you want to do it; giving is the truest and most useful form of self-gratification there is.

If we spent more time doing stuff we love, it makes all the hardships being experienced elsewhere something we no longer deny or resist or hide from but maybe do something about. When we have “enough of our own worries” we can hide in those shadows and let evil people have their way.

We hear it from eminent sources of infinite wisdom like the Dalai Lama and increasingly it’s not some 1968 hippy ideal. Love and a more mindful, thoughtful and generous way of being should be a feature of our lives.

So looking forward then is about letting people you care about know that.

Spending time on what you love is a glorious way to live.

Giving to others and leaving a legacy is a measure of true success.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

Spend the vast majority of your millions of minutes in love.

  1. foxhumanresources says:

    I’ll match your Specials with my Rush (rock from Canada) and great lyrics from their song ‘The Garden’.
    “The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect, so hard to earn so easily burned. The future disappears into memory with only a moment between. Each moment a memory in flight. Forever dwells in that moment, hope is what remains to be seen. In the fullness of time, a garden to nurture and protect…it’s a measure of a life. ” #neilpeart #punkrockHR

  2. […] Perry Timms writes beautifully. Sometimes a blog is so well written anything I might offer to promote it would simply not do it justice. Such is @PerryTimms’ effort here. Simply read. And enjoy […]

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