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Rolling out or Rolled Up?

-Unfurled Frond-Tree Fern leaf unfurling- by Rhonda F. Taylor - Redbubble.clipular

I like the thought of unfurling HR – I think it has a ring to it that says “throw a bit of caution to the wind”.

There’s enough people at work to worry about the rules.

An unfurled HR feels to me like a mixture of Gaudi; Picasso; Gaultier and Kraftwerk. A mixture of artforms with little in common except they’re artforms. Starting with someone’s own passion; expression and endeavours eventually unfurled for all to see; appreciate and be inspired by.

A little like an unconference is a bit like an alternative art form.

So what’s an unfurled HR thing then?

How about an abandonment of tired thinking and practices?

How about a dive into the exciting world of Agile and Smarter Working?

How about experiments? How about crowd sourced policies? How about giving people a fricking innovation bonus…

Unfurled HR means not careless and reckless tinkering but humanist, adaptive experimentation and individualisation?

Unfurled means HR does something unexpectedly brilliant like the news that Zuckerberg has donated $25m to help fight ebola.

Unfurled HR is HR doing good.

Not HR doing HR.

If you’re in HR for doing HR then you need unfurling.

An unfurled HR that should be progressive, adaptive, ingenious, caring, compassionate, pioneering, adventurous, generous, curious, professional, courteous, genuine, challenging, brave, artistic, resilient, determined, articulate, warm.

A furled HR is bureaucratic, risk-averse, predictable, dull, motionless, harsh, tight, stuck, flat, monotone, unsympathetic, cold.

When I come across students, new practitioners and those who have been through a few hours like me but they’re full of rejuvenated energy and spirit I literally sing. And unfurl the song of passionate professionals pushing their psalms.

It’s not the cult of HR nor is it the curse of HR. It’s the unfurling of HR – a new breed of practice that has no new trendy tag; has no discernable distance from the past but is just better. More Human than Resources but well resourced to keep organisations human.

Unfurling HR isn’t just right now because I’ve realised it or you have. It’s planetary alignment. It’s like the combination of factors and societal and economic shifts that say “HR – your time is now”. So we must unfurl.

Not the traditional, tired HR Version 1 we have seen. No, this vibrant and unexpected Supercharged HR I am now talking about. One who has put some distance between itself and the 2-stroke version.

Where the digitisation and socialisation of work is being LED by HR not by IT or Business Development

Where the decline of the job proposition is brought about by HR to lead to meaningful and varied work for people who have assembled their own career interests and working circles.

Where the demise of the manager model we all know and despise is rebooted in favour of the manager as a coach; a flat army led by those who want to inspire and who rotate according to energy; belief and context.

Where the demand for craft means we all become more artisan and leave the drones and the robots to the lower end roles we have loathed for so long.

Where the disruption as usual is the usual. The norm. That delivers because of its adaptiveness and not in spite of fixation on fixed state.

An unfurled HR is a positive, performing, people profession. Oozing with confident humility and believable ebullience.

It exists. In that room in Auckland right now. And in my lounge in my pyjamas. A keynote in clothes minor.

Just like these words assembled not 30 minutes ago, an unconference is a chance to unfurl those thoughts; unleash those ideas; and unravel those conundrums you have.

Unconference; Unravel; Unfurl.

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