#CIPD14 It’s this. And this. And this.

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

So it’s @CIPD Annual Conference and the hash tag is alive with the sound of people getting their thoughts enhanced by keynotes; catchups; and blog posts.  This. This and This

Another one for this?  Why not.

Peter Cheese was rousing.  He called it out: it’s a whole series of things going on in the world that forces change; that creates opportunities and that makes us heroes or villains.  We have that call to arms now.  We know the up-to-now this of HR is not good enough.  We know this – that is the future  of our profession and work – is not clear.  We have signs, clues and many experiments under way to grab the arc of the future and bring it nearer.  This, this and this.

Rita Gunther McGrath then underscored everything we know about this and everything we should know about this.

That strategic thinking is a concept of this and it is actions that make the difference.  Doing this, this and this.  One without the other is like dancing with only one shoe on.  You can still dance but not so elegantly .  Her warnings of calcified strategies, of pompous use of power and ignorance of threat/opportunity and of the key role in people being deployed in a human way is REALLY the future of this.  Maybe the only this we need to be cognisant of?  And her calls to the HR profession made quietly cheer.  You should watch the stream of the session online.  It helped that I love Nilofer Merchant and to hear Rita call out her “work not jobs” frame got me right in the solar plexus.

That’s a this I want to see.  More about individualism in what people are best of and less about a stack of stuff you call a job.

This is also about us.  What is on your “this, this and this” hit list as an HR professional?  Are you breaking new ground and experimenting with new ways to do work and the things you help?  Or are you stuck in the “well it’s always been like this” and there’s nothing we can do about it” or even worse; “there’s nothing wrong with this“.

So what is this that HR professionals need to be doing to supercharge itself?  What’s the “and this” to create massive impact for the better of all people at work and how are we doing on the “this that is sorting out those toxic leaders, busted models and tired methods of doing..?

First this is check on yourself.  Are you transacting your way to oblivion doing just what you need?  Or are you bothered, enabled and engaged in changing how you operate to be the absolute best professional you can be?  A professional who happens to be in HR, Learning and People Development.

Second this is what do you DO for your profession?  Sit back, ignore, whinge, throw stones, lambast?  Or do you share, excite, mentor, collaborate, challenge, stimulate others in your field of practice.

Third this is what are you doing for you clients, organisation, partners, community or whomever you work with?  Just getting by and delivering a slightly lame but acceptable proposition OR are you being creative, bespoke, caring, firm, generous and positively impactful?

There’s a lot of this being talked about.

It’s time to DO this.

HT Simon Jones.  Andy Swann, Simon Heath. Mat Davies. Tony Jackson. Neil Usher.  Gareth Jones. Lisa Gill. Khurshed Dehnugara.  Catalina Contoloru. Ana Marica. Mervyn Dinnen. Jon Husband. Anne Marie McEwan. Nathalie Nahai. Gemma Reucroft. Phil Willcox, Amanda Arrowsmith and a cast of hundreds more.

WE KNOW WE CAN DO THIS.  We just need all the other buggers to join in this…


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