#FreedomatWork Summit – WorldBlu:- Passion: Performance: Impact

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

How you make an event a showcase for the brilliance you want to unleash on the world.

It is day 0 of a 3 day event for the quite extraordinary organisation that is WorldBlu.  www.worldblu.com.  I’m here as a feature writer, blogger, social media supporter and overall a believer and a friend to WorldBlu.

Let’s begin with a little about WorldBlu but you can find more on their website.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 at 06.34.52

Think this: at work, people matter.  Their views count and not just the board.  Where involvement is one aspect of company survival and strive for better outcomes, impact and fiscal viability.  Where leaders are not dominant forces but enabling sources.  Where democracy is a product and an ethos of operating.  Where people care about their working lives as much as they do their outside working lives and that care is reciprocal beyond a salary and benefits.  Where the difference is the people and the people feel the difference.  That’s my take on a freedom-centred™  workplace.

I can also nail my colours to the mast as they say: I want to see freedom at work as a norm.  Not (as Traci Fenton says it people think) at all a Kumbya kind of existence where unicorns roam and pixies spread little dust on the landscape.  A hard edged business approach to the world of work that just happens to be sweet and smoothly centred.  Humane.

World Blu has researched, codified, and built ways to check and balance that and the good news is, there’s a great deal of insight to this ideology to prove it is worth it.

If only people decoupled themselves from the norms of yore and unleashed the power of possibility.  Knowing nods of academics and practitioners will point to this being chaotic and not good enough for a harsh world. My metaphor to you is that the most raging fires are often doused by foam.  That softest of all things. Taming the fiercest forces of nature.  Fight fire with foam.

Anyway, that aside this is the first in a short series of blog posts from the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit.  Excitable though I am, this hasn’t even gotten started yet and I’m already seriously pumped.

So how do you put passion into play, practice into performances of perfection and produce positive impact to get your messages across in a clear, inspirational and impactful way?  Here’s the start of that journey.

Day 0.  It’s preparation and rehearsal day.  Heading along Pine Tree Drive, you get a feel for Miami.  The art deco buildings, the bustling freeways and the swaying of palms gives it all away.  And then you walk up to the New World Center and you realise this is a special place beyond your impressions of venues for conferences.  The obligatory tour, the meeting of the sound engineers, the stagehands and the producer of the event.


So we see a perfectionist in action.  Traci Fenton as CEO of WorldBlu oozes class, genuine interest in people and an eye for what she wants.  This is why passion, into performance into impact sprung out of me as a title for a blog post.

traci fenton

Passion.  Putting your every ounce of intellectual, conceptual and spiritual might into things isn’t easy. That’s why people do B grade things.  They just don’t care enough, haven’t enough guile or belief and aren’t capable of computing well enough.  No doubts with Traci and the team assembled here though.  Committed and driven.  Clear passion on display here. Not wild optimism.

Performance.  The planning into an event of this scale is obvious to see.  Each meticulous aspect of speaker handling, presentational backdrop, audience comfort and experience show what a good event should look like in the “beta” stage.  It’s clearly the little things that matter.  The attention to detail on display is breathtaking and clearly hard to do – which is why you end up sometimes at lame events with poor handovers, bad speaker vibes and naff audience participation.  Not here.  Not on this show.

Impact.  Ultimately this is about the things people will feel as a result of being here.  And know of course.  Then they’ll go and do.  But the impact is so evident here it’s not even stated.  Belief.  Inspiration.  Information.  There’s power to yield here and like a true professional that ought to be for the greater good and no-ones ego, or some questionable pursuit or some sales pitch.

It’s staggering what goes into a production of this scale.  The participants over the next 3 days are in for a real treat of TED style proportions.  And whilst I’m at it, those of you unable to sample Miami’s art deco sights can experience a World Blu summit via a video channel akin to said TED phenomenon.  Yes they’re being filmed.  I will blog some of the content on here for you – as that’s what I’m here to be part of.  I will also be writing features for some of the world’s more discerning People/Work/HR publications which should make their way to your tweet decks and magazine over the coming months.

There’s something about impact which is clearly on display here.  So I’ll leave you with this for now.

What passion are you showing?  How are you putting that into your performance and what impact do you believe is possible with that?

Passion: Performance: Impact.  Team WorldBlu all the way.

Screenshot 2015-05-17 at 23.46.58


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