#Freedomatwork summit – #Blog3 – Authenticity; Content; Energy

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’ll start at the end of the day.

A very splendid reception for the end of day 1 at the WorldBlu Freedom At Work summit. I talk with CEO, Founder and Freedom At Work superstar Traci Fenton.  She very humbly and sincerely asks me what I thought of day 1 of the Summit.

Authenticity; Content; Energy.

Just flew out of my head.  I’d had time to digest the day.  I’d had time to speak with old friends and new. I had time to speak with those who gave me some of the smartest, most wholesome and ingenious insight into the way an organisation can be run and those 3 words stood out to me.

Rewind to 0800 this morning on a beautiful Miami morning.  A rousing opening from Traci.  Who is the epitome of someone being utterly dedicated and enthusiastic about not only today but the future to come when freedom at work becomes the new norm.

If you don’t know the WorldBlu story then hop onto www.worldblu.com

And a hop on to the website will reveal a downloadable white paper Growth & Resilience.  An amazingly revealing piece of research which demonstrates these key facts: –

  1. During the period 2010-2013 (arguably the hit from what’s already known as the Great Recession) WorldBlu companies grew by 103% compared to 15% for S&P500 companies during the same period.
  2. During that same period, and in terms of companies being resilient and continuing to trade/exist the S&P500 companies (i.e. a top performing/grossing 500) folded at a rate of over 10% and WorldBlu companies ceased to be in only 4.6% (and even then some of this was smaller companies who simply closed down and moved onto other things/ventures not forcibly folded.

Empirical evidence then that an approach which is about freedom-centred approaches, democracy in the workplace and a more people-centric way of creating and running an organisation stands up to those more traditional, controlling ways of the corporate way.

As Traci Fenton says “it’s not all Kumbya”. There are now results that prove the economic viability of what some have dismissed as an ideology not practical enough to run a business by.

Some – like me – don’t need statistics to back up what they already know and feel in their soul/heart/gut/mind (delete as appropriate to you).  Yet here’s the thing that oozed from an opening and a showcase of people and organisations showing incredible courage, heart and ingenuity.  Authenticity. Content. Energy.

We heard from Werner Berger is is the oldest person to have climbed the 7 Peaks.  Authentic personal courage in the most extreme of circumstances.  We were taught that there will ALWAYS be the need for courage and there will always be the need for human-human inspiration where leadership titles or levels of experience count for nothing in the heat of the moment and in creating bonds of trust and planned execution of taught and natural behaviours.  COURAGE

And when courage alone won’t see you through, Innovation helps your chances of being able to create impactful change.  Stephen Shapiro gave a masterclass on the energy created and methods to adopt in scaling the mountain range of problems organisations and people face using the climbing skills of ideas, ingenuity and creativity.  INNOVATION.

When things don’t go as planned despite your approach being in the best interests of your people it can be hard.  Super tough on sticking to your philosophies.  Michael Tuteur of Votenet gave one of the most genuinely authentic, vulnerable and honest appraisals of being in charge when all are looking to you and you do your best by the playbook you know.  Yet the playbook sometimes needs a rethink – and with his people in mind, Michael held out, adapted and created something from a new kind of freedom – not being protected by your leader but being part of the decisions that shape their world.  A part of not apart from.  TRANSPARENCY and INCLUSION.

And the power question.  And I urge you to try this.  Traci’s gem of a way to deeply think beyond conventions and assumptions.

What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?

Freedom-centred approaches have been built into the WorldBlu programmes and set out around freedom-centred mindset; freedom-centred design and freedom-centred leadership.

Werner, Stephen, Michael and Traci gave us a range of freedom-centred mindset approaches.  After all if our mindset isn’t pro-freedom, how on earth can we run a company in any other way than control and fear.

Think about it.  How much do you REALLY want to be free to be, think and do and how much do you want, need and trust others in your organisations to do the same?  Controlism is an old technology.  We’ve seen political attempts to control fail and in this opening up and more transparent, connected world we live in, controlism just isn’t a long-term sustainable approach.

When we are free we demonstrate more accountable, responsible and spiritual approaches to what we do.  We redefine who we are not on others’ measures but our own.  We unleash more of our true selves and instead of playing games, live for the more humane ways of living, working and learning.

A freedom-centred mindset is the most significant adaptation to our own approach that provides a new way of being for others around us.  When we get this fully fledged we become open to new designs.

Blog 4 will cover freedom-centred designs.  A design for life.  That’s authentic, is full of wise and inspiring content and is the source of abundant human energy.

Thank you WorldBlu.


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