The Dawn of the Doer

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

There’s something in the air.  We’re drinking the Kool Aid.  Movements ahoy!

And so the story goes about the way we’re working isn’t working.

> About the skills and productivity gaps staring us in the face.

> About the complicit evil cultures that make us act in a less-than-human ways at work.

> About the toxic nature of leadership and people doing wrong to others, the world and ultimately themselves.

We see Blogs.  Research.  Articles.  Features.  We read books.  Listen to speeches and follow thought leadership.  But honestly, what are YOU doing?  Yes I’m talking to YOU.  The reader of this and those who won’t even bother to read it.

Are you SO wrapped up in your world that you’re doing “what matters”?  It’s up to other people to take on the fight?

Are you so in the know that you don’t need any of this tripe? So you get on and be the supremo professional you think you already are.

Are you denying there’s even a problem?  It’s OK and it was always meant to be this mediocre.

Or do you care enough to write your own book?  Put people in touch with other people who can help turn this ship around?  Do you create affiliations with people who care like you and link arms with like-minded / bothered souls?  Do you work in your organisation / with clients in a way that moves things to the better place chapter of the story?  Do turn up or do you tune in and cop out?

DO.  Not just the usual transact kind of do.  Or the I know it all anyway kind of do.  Or the anything for the money kind of do.

DO = the stuff that makes it ALL a lot better.  

We’ve all got some superhero type powers yet we’re mostly Peter Parker than Spider-Man.  Florence Nightingale or Alan Turing or Dr King were more full-time hero than just here now and then.  We can’t all be like them though can we?  Not if don’t do anything about it, no.

Where work is concerned, we’re often just dabbling in the doing.  Instead of doing and then dabbling in the conventional space to earn a crust.

> Don’t just blog.  DO.

> Don’t just consult. DO.

> Don’t just administer. DO.

> Don’t just ideate. DO.

> Don’t just design. DO.

> Don’t just train. DO.

> Don’t turn up at a conference in the usual manner and fill your bag with stress balls and pens.  DO.

> Don’t just talk around, at, for, under, over, argue with or against. DO.

> Don’t just pop into the odd event.  Arrange one. DO

> Don’t shoot others’ ideas down.  Get your own better ones and then. DO

> Don’t just think about setting up a new venture. Create one. DO

DO.  Doing is the ONLY thing that matters.  All the things that you think, write, chat, speak, dream of, hate are nothing if you don’t DO.

It’s the Dawn of the Doer – so what exactly ARE you going to DO?



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