Love what you do. #CIPDNAP15

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

AKA Now That’s What I Call An Amazing Workplace!

With the word “love” in the title of the blog it’s probably going to cause anti tree-huggers to cringe and feel a little but sick.

Well it’s not written with you in mind so click away and be miserable.

In the past month I’ve had the utter pleasure of being in three VERY different cities. Miami; Budapest and York.  The themes: freedom at work; working and playing hard and creating an amazing workplace.  They’re ALL about LOVE to me.

Loving what you do.  By way of a job, work, career, vocation, volunteering whatever.  Loving what you do.  Now I know a lot of people who are fortunate enough to say they love what they do.

Some of them have a role in an organisation which we still refer to as a job.  Some are at a senior manager/leader level, some brand new to the world of work, some reinventing themselves in new jobs or some in the same one for a long time.  Some others are freelancers, consultants or whatever you’d like to call them – independents.

Sadly not everyone I come across can say the same.

There are also some people who choose to have a go at others who profess some form of love for their chosenwork in life.  Some people who call this out as naive land-of-the-fairies type stuff.  They knowingly chastise based on their melancholy view of the world.  They have been in some tough situations and come out fighting and so it’s not love that sees you through it’s strength.  Those intellectual types who love their own wisdom so much they use it like a caustic acid – their comments burn.

This tweet summed it up for me.

Screenshot 2015-06-20 at 20.16.10

So I am saying that you will are not a success UNLESS you love what you do.

Good at what you do and well paid and revered by your peers isn’t good enough by this definition; unless you feel and use the word love, you aren’t part of an amazing workplace, don’t have freedom at work and don’t play hard and work hard.

I’ll leave you with that thought as a closing thought from the #CIPDNAP15 and hope you love what you do in making it a success for others to do the same

Unless you LOVE what you do you are not a success.  That’s my view and I’m not budging from it.

When we have that love of what we do in all our people, we’ll have created the most amazing workplace imaginable.


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