#CIPD15 – a Future most Talented

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

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I’m heading up to Manchester whilst I think, plot and mull over the concept of Talent Management, the future for people’s careers and how technology is the enabler and displacer of opportunity.  It happens to me a lot.

Anyway, I have the pleasure of chairing 2 sessions today at CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2015.

My first is one to look out for: – eBay and BT entitled “Flexible People Development to Meet Your Future Talent Needs”

Now this interested me for a range of reasons.  Digital Tech companies for a start.  Flexible, I like that.  People Development and the Future – well that’s me done for totally.

Less what do I expect maybe, and more what do I hope this will cover? Here’s my wishlist and then when the session is done, I’ll come back and let you know how these 2 giants of digital did.

  1. People can plot their OWN career journeys with their manager as coach, guide and confidante.
  2. That we’re seeing the end of top right hand corner privileges and more individualised, forward looking, stretching activities and learning gigs for anyone who has the heart, soul and brain for it.
  3. That digital technology is connecting people to each other, communities of learners, amazing insight and is helping them make sense of the world they want to be part of creating through their career advancement
  4. That we’re learning from past attempts at forcing people down the talent pipeline and create a more green pasture of fertile space for people to grow themselves in their way.
  5. That these highly energised people are allowed to break the mould and not simply fit in to existing models, frames and roles.  They can build their own role surely?
  6. That we measure the right things.  How much impact people have by learning; the difference they create; the legacy they leave.  I’d love to see us reward people who help others learn not just perform well themselves.

Let’s see how this one goes.  I might tweet a bit from it but am tempted to live blog…except when I’m doing “Chair” stuff of course.  Thanks CIPD for gifting me this one to chair.

Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 07.50.35

Then in the Exhibition space I will also be future gazing for a change.  Understanding the Workforce of the Future.  Now I spend a lot of time looking into the future of work and I tell you, I couldn’t answer this one.  I am hopeful that this one also reveals some insightful corporate activities are under way to make sure the roles in the near future and beyond are future proofed as we’ve not done that well in this space up until now.

I also hope there’s no overly generational stereotyping going on.  To say only Gen Y need some sort of special treatment because of their different views on work is plain wrong.   To say there are “mindsets” which may feature to a larger cross-section of people entering the workplace in this period of time is nearly good enough.  How about “a recognised shift in people’s needs and expectations about work, workplace and working ways which means we have to consider a range of options blah blah”.  It’s not about calendar cycles as much as it is colour of eyes.  As chair of this session I will set out my view from the start and see what that creates.  I don’t want to be disrespectful to my fellow practitioners just setting out my view and I know that of many others and hoping we can avoid generational hype overreaction.  Anyway Claire from Red Spider will have to contend with my anti-generationalism but I’m sure will uncover some great thinking useful to many in the room wondering how to accommodate so many different mindsets.  What a blessing diversity is.  It’d be so boring if we had “Stepford Employees”.  Instead a rich make up of people with amazing differences makes me smile.

This one is 2pm for 30 minutes – would love it to be a sell-out and hope I can get loads of questions and interaction going on this.  We’ll see.

Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 07.52.08

So that’s the day for me.

I also get to meet up with all those fabulous people I am proud to call my friends, colleagues, co-conspirators, comrades, contraveners of rules etc etc.


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