#MeaningConf why Jos de Blok and Buurtzorg is bigger than it can imagine

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sat listening to Jos de Blok – CEO of Buurtzorg – about the way they’ve become so successful is truly a joy, an honour and a privilege.  Thanks @MeaningConf and @jennilloyd.

The thirst for patient centred approaches is so so refreshing but the real secret of this is power and ownership.

Power for people to network, self organise and set up THEIR own business as nurses in the Netherlands.

Ownership because it is their business arranged under the protective and enabling support of Buurtzorg.

It is that simple. It is people owning their way into life of rewarding work and networked, shared endeavours.  With purpose as the key drive. With economic success whilst stripping away bureaucracy.

Now then, the rest of the world, can you please “do a Buurtzorg” so we can get on with meaning through our work and just enjoy our lives and each other a lot more?

Thank you Jos.


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