#WorldBluBritPack Blog 2 – The Power in Leading through Freedom.

Posted: May 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Johanna Wilde is a practitioner I had the pleasure of meeting in October last year around a conference on Organisation Design.  I recall us entering into some passionate discussions as part of an Open Space group and we seemed to have equal passion and Johanna tons more experience and wisdom.  Johanna posted a smart and short blog post


And I replied to it thus:

A leader that gets people up, tuned in, energised and applied towards something meaningful and useful is critical.

I’ve seen leaders hold a place together because at one level there are leaders with toxicity and greed, power-lust and ambition and that’s been countered by other leaders being human, smart, caring and responsive to people’s needs.

The best examples we’re seeing in the world of leadership are when the human and the dignified ambition combine to urge people onto great things collectively. THAT’S great leading in my view.

So this iS another post on leadership and it’s a reflection on what a leader can do in creating a place where human endeavour

(and I used those words in Post 1 https://adjusteddevelopment.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/freedomatwork-the-power-in-freedom/)

thrives and gives rise to meaningful activities, fulfilling lives and joy in accomplishment.

A place where there is freedom.

Freedom to express yourself – who are you not just what do you do.

Freedom to be creative – show us what you think the world could be like.

Freedom to be collaborative – let others around you join in with the brilliance you want to be part of.

Freedom to be vulnerable – when things aren’t as they should be, there should be protection, preservation and perseverance.

Freedom to learn – let yourself go wild and find the things that make you a better human, a better part of something.

Freedom to celebrate – when your excitement at accomplishment is unstoppable and you want to let that joy out.

I’m not advocating we have a new model, a workshop or an event around these themes but I think I would desperately like those of you who read this and who have the privilege and the position of leading to take note:

When you think about you as a leader what do you TRULY believe others will say about you?

Will they say they have freedom to express, be creative, collaborative, vulnerable, to learn and to celebrate?  Or some or even one of these?

Because if they aren’t honestly able to attest to all 6 of these, then you my friend, have work to do.

This is not an all-knowing click-bait “6 things leaders need to do more of”.

It is though a plea from the soul of everyone who needs you to lead purely, clearly and with freedom in your heart.  And if you have fear, let the fear be known and be worked on together and not used as a springboard to power, push, assertion, direction and panic.


That’s why this next 3 days of insight and sharing at the WorldBlu Summit on the Power Question are so important to me and others:


What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


So leaders, what WOULD you do if you weren’t afraid?  Would you let people have the freedom to be, in the work they do with you?  Or will you control and be the thing other leaders think you ought to be?  Being yourself without fear holding you back, could open up something new, special and powerful in all the right ways.

So what WOULD you do if you weren’t afraid..?


WorldBlu.com/summit for more and #thepowerquestion #freedomatwork #WorldBluBritPack

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