#WorldBluBritPack 4 The Power of Flow

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s Day 2 of the WorldBlu Power Question Summit in Miami and a day full of insight and conversational flow.

And it’s flow that I’m feeling. Flow as in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi variety. The right amount of skill and pressure to gain the state of optimum performance and application to something we want or need to do.


It was this state that kept popping into my head as we addressed fear.

Fear that we might fail. That we are ill equipped. That we are not allowed. That we are facing adversity we cannot contain or control.  Fear that others will think we’re out of our minds thinking it doing something.  Fear we don’t believe in ourselves. Fear we’ll compromise our values.

Many types of fear we face in our lives and ways of working.

With the scene set by Traci Fenton CEO of WorldBlu, we worked through some exercises that defined fear for us and gave a frame to the fears we have.


Henri Hyppönen kicked us off with his research into fear.


Fear that makes us less socially connected. Fear that makes our IQ drop. Fear that means we resist change.

And most importantly for – the plus point of the day for me – keep the fear outward facing in an organisation and create safety within it.

Henri stated there is a problem with a burning platform of fear to change: people may get burned on it.

Kirsty Spraggon is a sharp minded Aussie who has previously been a high performer in real estate sales.


And then she confronted a fear live on a TEDx stage in Malibu. Something that held her back for years. From that point on Kirsty provided inspiration to others to face similar fears and the story of one woman’s outing of a fear brought all to tears.

Kirsty left us with a great thought : if you bury the fear you also bury much potential joy in your life. And an A-Emotional hum to your life does you no good at all.

We heard of the fear of slowing down and of slow generally. Carl Honore has faced his  fear of slow and built slow, calm, in the moment to his life and he’s better in a dimensions. The stigma attached to slow is a societal pressure that is leading to over or peak work, low attention spans and snatched living.

We heard of the use of the Power Question to bring clarity to bear in both leading and change by Ed Wesley, Garry Ridge and Nathan Donaldson.

We heard of authentic push backs on bullying behaviour from Miranda Ash. Overcoming a fear of loss and discovery of a place of power despite the loss.

And we plotted our own fears and made sense of an inventory of fears.

We worked through a fear in details and  shared it with our thought partner.

And then we built our story through Travis Thomas and Mat Matheson’s improv techniques.

And my “a-ha” moment?

Something you fear and realise you need some work doing to? Let it out of your head and invite others in.

People care about what your fears are.  People want to help others through things that they fear.

And back to flow.

You are in optimum performance state when you have high skill and high pressure.

For high skill read tactics, definition and determined energy.  For skills you might not have, others may have to lend to your cause.

For high pressure read a situation of fear. Of significance. Of challenge.

Then you have freedom to flow. Creating a state of flow from a state of fear is likely to lead to resolution strategies, confident application and belief.

Freedom to believe in your state of flow to overcome fear and create action.



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