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Sparked by a comment on twitter (for a change) I found myself clinging onto the word hope.  I say clinging because I guess when all seems against you or you are feeling a bit dour or a nightmare is unfolding, hope may seem like all you have.

And yet hope is such a strong word.  To dismiss it as naive, overly optimistic, blind and even dumb is potentially dangerous to the one thing we have that is unpredictable, magical and sorrowful at the same time – our very soul (or spirit).

Hope springs eternal – is one way of looking at it.

I can handle the failures, it’s the hope I can’t stand –  is another.

And yet, at times of the greatest adversity, hope can be a mystical energy force.  Where all the logic in the world says “don’t do it” or “you can’t do it” and yet there’s hope in your heart (as the words in the song goes) you do it and you overcome not only the sensation that you can’t or won’t do something but that actual thing itself.

Is hope a pointless and potentially damaging emotion and state of being?  It could be.  Simply hoping that a volcano won’t erupt when you feel the rumbling isn’t much use.  Hoping you can get away to higher ground in time which activates your energy and helps you run quicker to do so is a good state of being.

For surely, without hope, what else is there?  A project plan might help you deliver a crucial new venture.  When faced, in that project, with a challenging negotiation, surely the hope that you will stand your ground and broker the best deal is as essential as having the tactics, the keywords and the outcome very precisely crafted. If you have hope in yourself, that creates an energy source to clear your mind, work things out logically and activate your most rational sense is a useful emotional and spiritual state to be in.

Fear does the opposite.  It forces you to act in extreme ways.  It forces your level of intellect down by a good few points.  It closes you off to social support.  It freezes your computational power either totally or in part.  Yet it also forces your limbs to be ready to run.  Forces your adrenaline to kick in to handle a sudden expense of physical energy.

So hoping you can stop an impending disaster of force isn’t much use without some serious actions but also fearing you can’t stop that disaster is just as bad.

Hope overcomes fear.  Fear is there from primaeval senses of protection from predatory threats.  

Hope is a new computation for a less predatory and yet more mentally stressing world.

Hope is an ally, not a comfort blanket and not a blackout mechanism.

Sometimes when hope IS all you have, it’s a better energy source than tuning out or giving in.

Or as Dr Martin Luther King Jr said better than I ever could.

We can accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.

  1. A powerful word and you’re right – an energising one too. I hope you’ve had a great week and really looking forward to your book!

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