#Hackday1 – Beyond Performance Management

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

So what happens when 20 or so people who really give a fig about things come together and hack?

And I don’t mean they labour over some ideas but call it a hack to be trendy.  I mean PROPER get into the code of something and splice new lines into it like a real hack should be.

That happened yesterday with #Hackday1 hosted for us by the fab folks at Herman Miller, Aldwych.  It was apt that a design-based company hosted an undesign/redesign event and the good news is, we didn’t just do the usual talk it through and get excited but go nowhere.

We referred back to the CIPD’s Hackathon and 3 Hacks in particular that called out the shortcomings of performance management/appraisals/rewiews.  Recent blog posts, articles, Netflix reinventing HR and more.

But it was what we did in that room that was bordering on brilliant.

We renamed it.  We’ll tell you soon but we want to give you the full story so you can see why we called it what we did.

We came up with new de-processed processes (unprocess?) which could ALL be introduced now, by stealth, by agenda, by cascade by whatever means suits people.

We came up with new reward “mechanics” to offer as an option.

We came up with ideals and approaches that people can take with and run without too much pain, tinkering or rework.

We concluded on 3 things we’d deduced: Philosophical; Practical and Economical approaches where the only reason people will still be stuck with mediocre, crap or pointless Performance Management is that companies, HR teams, or people themselves are too stuck, lazy or scared to change it.

It won’t be tectonic plates shifting violently overnight.

It SHOULD be inspired by the creation of a place to go, where information can be consumed, created and shared.  Where stories will provide the fuel to boost a better way to allow us all to get more from our work, our relationships with people at work and the sense of achievement/development/time for something new we all need.

Will it boost UK GDP and productivity?  Only time and the economics of the world will tell.

Will it make people feel a little happier about their lot in live to earn a crust to do the things they want to do with their life?  We believe it can.

It’s time for better.  It’s time to put Performance Management out to pasture and bring a new show to town.

It’s people powered change at its best.  It’s powering people for their best.

  1. foxhumanresources says:

    Every journey has a beginning…and inspiration comes from the travellers on that journey and where the path leads. Got my ticket, hoping to move out of the window seat soon…

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