When was the last time you were in the thick of an amazing idea?

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

We are SO SO time poor.  Or whatever the phrase is.  However, where there’s a challenge there’s hope and a creative mind gives life to something potentially outstanding.

So good friends and co-conspirators in making the world of work better met socially last night (20 August 2015) and discussed how much we like to read but don’t find the time we would like; how much we enjoy others distilling what they’re read and experienced and sharing it quickly.  We got on to the amazing thing that is an Ignite sessions.  20 slides at 15 seconds each, autoforwarded by PowerPoint.  We said how much fun they were and a really great challenge to be succinct but meaningful.

The BOOM – the amazing mind of Paul Taylor said “how about 10 slides at 10 seconds.  A presenTENtion”.

And so it was born.  Come see us try out this new format on 16.9.15 (16+9-15=10) for 10x 10×10.



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