#WorldBluBritPack Blog 3 – The Power of Self

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized


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WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit 2016 (aka The Power Question summit) is underway here in Miami, FL.  Yesterday afternoon (May 9th) I had the absolute honour of co-facilitating an Open Space session with John Engle (CEO of Haiti Partners) and over 40 participants at this year’s event.


Expertly positioned by John, the participants formed the biggest circle possible in our Open Space.  One by one we did what used to be known as the “creeping death introductions session”; yet this was no cringeworthy exercise: This was where each participant revealed a piece of themselves in their pursuit and belief in freedom-centred working.

My contribution with John was to create the space and share the principles of the Open Space method and let the participants drive their contribution to the event and what was on their minds and in their hearts.

I positioned the question “How do you create a freedom-centred workplace?” yet I invited something much bigger, bolder and more personally powerful to those participants: today we could change the world we live in for better work and working lives for those around us and those coming on after us.  

We had the chance to feel the power within us and ask the questions that mattered to us and the world we work in to truly make a difference.  I felt a surge of emotion as I talked through my belief in the people in that room.  From Zappos to sole practitioners; from Nearsoft and Widen to Red Bubble and GE; from Haiti to Copenhagen; from New York to Cedar Rapids.  From first timers to veterans of the WorldBlu summit.  We ALL had something to bring, share and create.

We heard from growing democratic workplaces keen to see that growth continue but feeling the tension of challenge to the model that’s made the success possible.  

We heard that leadership in a democratic organisation is vital and that decentralisation is as critical.  

We heard about the rise of work-related stress and consideration that a democratic, freedom-centred way could be a way out of this “epidemic”.    

We heard from people keen to start their journey and others wanting to build a firmer epicentre of trust to what they already had.  

We heard about more fun in the workplace and the need for more diversity in that open, democratic workplace we already value.  

We heard that innovation, disruption and a sense of restlessness was a worthy consideration in working towards a freedom-centred vision.  

And we heard that we can all spread the word of democracy at work and invite the world to be more participative in something meaningful for all.

Most of what I heard was a power in each and every participant and therefore in each and every one of us.

We rarely gift ourselves with the realisation that power is in us.  We see power in others, in social and legal constructs, in collective affiliations and in politicians and companies.

We all have power.  All of us in the room yesterday afternoon are now part of something bigger than themselves and potentially bigger than we realised we were.

We have something to do. We have others with us in spirit, in mind and in soul.  We have asked of ourselves and we’ve invited and shared with others.  We have given ourselves the gift – even if momentarily – of power.

When we think of our power we may shy away from our potential or be just a little apprehensive about our impact on the world.

My hope is that we now think differently about the power in ourselves.  That we create a fusion of energy, belief and actions that helps realise the reason we were drawn to that room yesterday afternoon.

For in ourselves lies the true greatness we deserve to unleash on the world.  

Individually we may seem a mere atom in the cosmos yet connected to others as we did yesterday, we are the universe.  

The power of self.

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